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Ace Achievers



This page is for all our students who have Aced it


and Made it!



Congratulations to them for achieving their goals!


Every day of the week Ace tutors are busy teaching and encouraging our students, and as you read this, our young people are working hard to reach their targets. We will be posting their achievements on this page as soon as we hear.




October 10th, 2019: Well done to KH for passing her 11+ !


August 28th, 2019: Well done Daisy! You are such a star! Told you so! 9s for maths and science! 


August, 28th, 2019:  Oh, it’s huge for M.H. ! Many congrats on straight 9s! Well done you, M, and the tutor as well!


July, 8th, 2019: Massive congrats to Z.S. and H.S. for their distinctions at Grade 5 recorder ( Year 6 and Year 7 at the time of taking). Entering that exam room and playing in front of an imposing examiner is such a big deal. Really proud of you both.


April, 10th, 2019: Well done Daisy, your work is really outstanding! Your maths and science are excellent now. Just keep going and you’ll do yourself proud for your GCSEs!


April, 2nd, 2019: Many congratulations to Fred for such rapid progress in his 11+ scores. You are right on target for September, Fred! Keep going; you’re doing a great job and your tutor loves the way you work hard for her! What an ace team you two are!


January, 29th, 2019: Massive congrats to Avening on passing a very tough examination to get into a private school! Well done; it’s such a great achievement! 


January, 2019: Massive congratulations to Charlie for passing the entrance examination to Kingswood, Bath. What a huge achievement! Your tutor is so proud of you.


December, 2018: Sue’s recorder students all gained distinctions for their Grade 1 recorder exams. Congratulations to A.C., M.W., B.K., K.H. and H.P. for well-deserved and excellent results.


July, 2018: Sue’s recorder students all gained distinctions for their Initial and Grade 3 exams. Congratulations to J.L., P.H., A.C., M.W., B.K., K.H., and Grade 3 distinctions for E.P. and K.H.


July, 2018: congratulations to B.P. for transforming her maths in just two terms! From a hater of maths to a lover of maths in such a short time!


March, 2018: Congratulations to Danny for a Grade 8 distinction on recorder!