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  1. Helen Pegg says:

    Whilst a caring attitude, accompanied by a nurturing approach, encourages the very best in pupils, a well planned, well executed learning plan ensures a good rate of progress.
    Set at a tailor made pace and amended to accommodate personal learning needs, I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Both the focus on the individual child and the tutor’s awareness of requirements are first rate.
    The dedication and professionalism of our particular tutor, together with skills of the highest standard, have made her and the service as a whole, second to none.

  2. Bryan Hodder says:

    My daughter started recorder lessons with Sue Hull as a complete beginner and is about to take her Grade 2 exam, having gained a Distinction at Grade 1. Sue is an extremely skilled musician and teacher who imparts her considerable knowledge in a friendly and relaxed manner, adapting her lessons to the needs of the pupil. My daughter has learnt to play a wide range of music and has also acquired a broader musical knowledge beyond playing the recorder. Using an interactive online music programme means that both teacher and pupil can make adjustments to the music to suit their needs and that the pupil can play with accompaniment, which makes practice much more interesting. Sue inspires confidence in her students and I would thoroughly recommend her to parents of aspiring recorder players.

  3. Martin Peaple says:

    Having recently moved and as a result a change of schools we were informed that our child was struggling in Maths, we took advice from the school and engaged Sue to bring her back up to speed. This has been achieved and exceeded and our Granddaughter loves the subject and the tutor resulting in a much more confident child.
    We would highly recommend Sue as a tutor

  4. J. Topham says:

    Caring and kind, gently coaxing children into reaching the required grade.
    Thank you Ace Ahead.

  5. Philippa Haines says:

    I would highly recommend Ace Tutoring. Initially they took the time to meet face to face to ensure they fully understood our requirements finding a tutor to get my son through his 11+. We didn’t have a lot of time, but they managed to match my son perfectly with the right tutor very quickly. M was flexible and very committed and my son found her engaging, fun and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout, Helen kept in touch, ensuring that the tutoring was progressing well. They were genuinely excited to know that my son passed his exams – thank you for all your help!

  6. Susan_Hull says:

    Many congratulations to Charlie on his 11+ success. His conscientious, hardworking attitude provided the perfect platform for an excellent tutor. Maximising potential with a dream combination, it’s no wonder he Aced Ahead! Best wishes for the future.

  7. Alun says:

    We originally started with Ace Ahead for recorder lessons- for two of my children, both scoring Distinctions and Merits for all their exams. Given that we have children with different learning needs, we needed tutors who have patience and understanding; Ace Ahead have this in abundance!

    We have used Ace Ahead for three of our children this year; one for grammar school entrance exams, one for maths tutoring and one for GCSE RE and History. I cannot stress enough how useful, resourceful, patient and creative the tutors and staff are.

    Thanks to C, our 16 year old came away with 10 level 9’s at GCSE, an amazing achievement! Our child being tutored for maths is in top set and gaining back their academic confidence, which had been severely dented by the schools inability to properly support them with their difficulties; D is a wonderfully skilled and patient tutor. For the 11+ Grammar school exam, both D and M worked with our child, who was consistently scoring 90%+ up to the day before the exam, giving us real confidence in our child’s abilities.

    We are so pleased to have Sue and the team supporting us; they’re friendly, reliable, flexible, knowledgeable and caring- everything a parent needs to be able to support their children effectively.

    We wholeheartedly recommend Ace Ahead- the results speak for themselves and we are overjoyed by our children’s achievements. We will not hesitate to use Ace Ahead again, our experience has been easy and so worthwhile. Thank you, everyone, who has supported our children, and us as parents!

    • Ace says:

      Many thanks indeed for this feedback. For us at Ace, we are only too happy to do our very best to deliver the best service we can. Delighted that you are so happy with the tutors and the results for your children.

  8. Linda Sheppard says:

    My daughter is in year 9 at secondary school and needed a top up in education in a few subjects. She finds learning information, storing it and then recalling that information when needed difficult. So I thought a private tutor could hopefully fill the learning gap due to home learning because of Covid lockdown, also to make learning more fun and targeted at her needs.
    Ace Head Tutoring was recommended to me. I had a conversation with them telling what I thought my daughter needed and we were matched up with M. I then had a lovely conversation with M where she asked me lots of questions about Emma including her personality and things she likes to do as well as her working/learning ability. Tutoring started the next week via zoom due to Covid restrictions.
    Well what can I, say except for M is a God who has been sent to us. She has helped Emma with her learning so much. She explains it in a way that makes sense. Emma’s confidence is growing every day due to M. M will do recap lessons to consolidate the learning and check what has been remembered. My daughter wishes M was her teacher full-time.
    M has helped with English, Maths and Science that can often be at short notice as my daughter will tell me what she has found difficult at school and I will text M sometimes just hours before the tutoring lesson. M has always been very prepared with lots of resources to make learning fun also with silly rhymes or sayings that help with the learning sinking in.
    The plan is to continue with tutoring with M until my daughter has finished her GCSEs.

  9. Helen Jenkins says:

    We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ace Ahead Tutoring.

    My son really lost his confidence with maths at the beginning of the school year. He had planned to take maths to A level at that point but really wobbled and felt he wouldn’t cope with it – it would just be too hard. As his parents it was hard to see the loss of confidence and so looked at tutoring to boost his confidence as a couple of his friends had found it beneficial.

    We were so lucky that he was matched with M who expertly drew him our of his ‘can’t do’ attitude with fabulous teaching skills, humour and patience. He has always been fired up and positive after the sessions with her which has been a joy to see. During his recent exams when faced with extremely challenging questions instead of just giving up he commented that M had given him the confidence to have a go! We couldn’t have been happier!

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